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  1. get a Lua interpreter/JIT compiler up and running.
  2. get the liastrapper up above and save it (it should end in .lua , not .txt!) in the folder you want to install Lia in.
  3. run it; you will be greeted by a prompt asking you to either enter the version number (for instance, h03 ) or leave it blank to download the latest/recommended Lia.
  4. press enter once you've done either: the installer should do its job.
  5. you'll find two new files once it's done: lia.lua and repl.lua . just run repl.lua and you'll be greeted by the Lia prompt!

note: i'm sorry for the grey area of circumventing file restrictions to any neocities staff coming by.
if you've read the faq page , you'll notice i mention i'm trying to keep Lia very minimal (h03 archives are at only ~20kb) and the site's code, too (check out the space it takes!).
i really hope this compensates for it.
if you still want me to remove the files no matter what, message me and i will immediately cooperate.